maipac web Page Strategic Plan_2022-24


Mission Statement

Raising awareness through the media to support the indigenous and pastoralist communities in Tanzania.

Vision Statement

To create an environment where the political, cultural, social, historical, territorial, legal, and economic rights of the indigenous and pastoralist communities are recognized, respected, and upheld by the Tanzanian government and people.

Core Values

Trust Respect Innovation Empowerment Culture/Diversity

Strategic Initiatives

  1. Strengthen, monitor, and manage financial resources

  2. Recruit new board members from professional backgrounds to improve expertise, exposure, and training

  3. Develop specialized committees to implement the strategic plan

  4. Seek new funding, grants, and donor opportunities

  5. Develop and revise policies and procedures to strengthen governance system and for increased consistency and transparency

  6. Increase awareness of MAIPAC and the rights and issues of the indigenous and pastoralist communities